Hello and Nice to meet you !!

First off, I never had my own Blog till I became one of Miss Virtual World finalists. During this competition, Oct to middle of Dec 2010, I have been searching things for the Fashion challenges of this contest. and I have met many fashion experts in Second Life. and have found many high Quality creation, outfit, accessories included body parts.. sound like weird ?  Anyway, if you do not know Second Life, check it out ! URL is http://secondlife.com/whatis/?lang=en-US

Let.s see.. this is the first of my OWN BLOG!  at this point,begin introduce my thought on a good note.  I will introduce you where I work at  and designers bit by bit.  So please be patient with me!! I hope, I will be a good blogger someday..

OK guys! I must introduce you where I work at. One is Styles of edo runs by owner also man’s outfit designer edo Tone. I work there as a staff. Styles of edo is a dedicated, high grade Man’s formal clothing brand. The assortments includes frock coat, tailcoats, tuxedos, suits, dress shirts, formal shoes and all the other collections of attires  which are “Classy and Elegant” 
here is Limo!

Styles of  edo Main shop

Also edo Tone sometimes hold fashion show for his man’s Tuxedo show and Narkissos Show.

Narkissos 10th show 
invite  November 27th at 2:00PM SLT at Narkissos Fashion Show, Styles of Edo

Don’t miss it !!     <333

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