AZUL’s finalist’s gowns now released !!


AZUL will release soon 4 finalists gown and national costume which made by designer Mami Jewell !
to take a look at AZUL photo stream to see four finalists
★Miss Virtual World 2011 Serene faith,
★1st Runner-up /Miss CzechRepublic -Louise McWinnie
★4th Runner-up /Miss Russia -Tania Tebaldi
★Top 12 /Miss China -Blossoms Sweetwater
 in the lovely gown  and you will find your favorite garments!
and I will up my final gown and national costume here. :)) 

 This is National costume for Miss CHINA. 

This one was for Final gown for Miss virtual world 2011. 

ok ok Let go shopping ! here is the Taxi! 

Click here to the AZUL main store

Click to MVW official site!

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