my favorite Skin Tuli !

well I think many models hunt a skin is unique , nice quality and could easy to fit on our shape.  we do not need twins in the show and I would people remember me whenever I am on the show, print. etc. do not you think so ?  It was last year, when I was looking for the best Quality skin, then One of good friend Kikunosuke Eel recommended TuLi store. also it says :[T]: I must say I love love love TuLi’s Skin since before I was in Miss Virtual world pageant.  I lately got my new skin, Eva, at TuLi main store. You will see how smooth and natural skin it is. here is some SS to share with you.

each skin included
4 additional eyebrow
colours on tattoo layers
freckles tattoo layers
6 eyes makeup options
12lipstick tattoo layers
3 cleavage options
3 lashes tattoo layers

this is one sample and you can see more skins at her site

and taxi to main store > Tuli’s main store  Enjoy!!


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