You had to wait a long time, we know. But TODAY is the release of the NEW GENERATION of Lano Ling´s Poetic Colors Eyes, named: THE CLASSIC EYES GEN 2.
40 new colors! Subtile reworked Textures for more sharpness, more sexyness, more delicate expression. Each a piece of handdrawn art for your avatar.
Each pack includes 3 sizes and a dark and light shadowed version – perfect fit for your shape and skin!

To promote the new line you will get them with a DISCOUNT of 50 % up to next sunday, June 12th!
Al previously released classic eyes (the first generation) are discounted 75 % of the old price! 75 %!!!!!That´s a steal, ladies and gentleman! The most famous eyes of SL for just a small fee. BUT: only up to next Sunday, June 12th! After this day you will NEVER EVER get them again in SL or SLX. Last chance to collect them, to life with them, to feel sexy with them.
Here is some photo !

Poetic eyes is one of my favorite shops in SL!
Don’t miss discount eyes !! Seriously … I have most of them .. ^_^

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