*+Crie Style+* has new released !!


*+Crie Style – Information+*


*+Crie Style+* is very happy to inform  that
AZUL did Amazing build !!
Crie Style achieved new departure.
That’s a branch store to Great formal brand “AZUL”
It’s honored…..and  very thankful to Mami.

Crie Style’s designer , CEO, Grazioso Alekseev produced AZUL Limited Edition item.
That isn’t in his main store and SIM.

Everyone has to visit at AZUL main store.
*+Crie Style+* Eye-wear on the 3rd floor.

Hope you can all come to AZUL !
be sure to also see the *+Crie Style+* at AZUL

Never overlook this Limited Edition and New AZUL SIM

New Release *+Crie Style+* Luxury Eye-wear Series
*+Crie Style+* dolce
Of course, we believe that Eye-wears support your casual style more enhanced attractive appearance for you.
*+Crie Style+* LM  Main Store

*+Crie Style+*Official Blog  http://criestyle.blogspot.com/


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