AZUL’s new line OLGA

AZUL has released ‘Olga’, which is one of a gown made for Modavia and BOSL Fashion Week 2011!

You recognized this fantastic and glamorous design. Yes ! Once you see AZUL , mami jewell, garment, you won’t forget where you must come to buy lovely gowns and cocktail dresses ! chic color. smooth texture also fancy fluffy attachments. you will enjoy to arrange this dress in several way.
All 6 colors
transfer / mod / resize scripted
Use resize script to edit the prim size if you don’t want to lose the original.
Please ‘delete’ the script (from script menu) if you don’t need resizer.
I must say No regret to have this gown in your collections.
Don’t forget to check Vanity Hair and Virtual impressions !!
They are really match to AZUL Fashion!

OK then Let’s go to AZUL main Store.

Click logo mark!


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