Kalnin Fashion released New Footwear.*** Lizette ***

Hi everyone !
 Ladies! I bet, you already know Kalnin Footwear has produced Nice  Shoes with friendly HUD for our inventory.

Kalnins’  Lizette steps up your “sexy” from “Hawt chick” to “sizzling knockout”.  Combining an artsy platform sole, a whisper slim stiletto heel, and shiny metal studs; Lizette is a novel, daring alternative that adds sensuous glam to the classic 3-strap high heel.  Lavish handcrafted leather upper soles and a zippered heel cup crackle and glint to an elegant eye-catching finish.

Sexy back !

finest color !!

easy to change colors

The Lizette Sandal is available in 2 versions.  The Classic provides a wardrobe essential with 3 texture choices: Black, Gold or Red.  The Fat-pack provides the best value with a variety of colors (Classic colors included) available through a base of 12 texture choices. Both versions come with a detailed HUD allowing for endless customization:

•    Texture/Color change (Classic 3; Fat-pack 12)
•    Metal stud customization
•    Skin tinting w/ presets, fine tuning, and memory for your favorite shades
•    12 nail color choices
•    Easy low lag resizing
•    Walk sounds

PLEASE NOTE:  The Classic colors are included in the Fat-pack version, so there is no need for you to buy both.

Visit us in our new location:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/San%20Jose%20City/150/60/25


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