2011 Silver & Gold Hunt Gift: from SBJ

Full Bright
Menu Lock
Revert Size

v1.0 Released November 2011

2011 Silver & Gold Hunt Gift:

***Silver & Gold Friendship Rings in 2 Styles***

 “Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold. “

Friends in SL and 1st life bring joy and support to our lives. We hope you will enjoy remembering your friends when you
look at these friendship rings.  Bring a friend to the shop to pick up the gift as well and you can wear matching half-hearts
(right and left sides) to show your special friendship. Or wear the whole heart to show how friends complete our lives.

Two styles of ring are included to fit virtually any kind of avatar.
Whole Heart
Half Heart Left
Half heart Right

Silver& Gold

The texture option allows choice of three options for the silver heart and three options for the ring in gold and silver.

**Custom colors are available on request for an extra charge (cost of retail set + custom texturing fee). Please IM Sian Birke
for additional information before purchasing if you wish to request a custom color.


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