AZUL- 3rd Anniversary Sale !!

-AZUL- 3rd Anniversary Sale : Round 3 has started

Hello all!
-AZUL- 3rd Anniversary Sale :Round-3 has started,
sorry for delay :(
Come and get Blue-sapphire-Aqua …..colors with 50% off!
Happy shopping:D
-AZUL- 3rd Anniversary Sale

Round1 Nov 20 – 26 —-> Red
Round2 Nov 27 – Dec 3 —-> Pink/Purple
Round3 Dec 4 – 10 —-> Blue
Round4 Dec 11 – 17 —-> Green
Round5 Dec 18 – 24 —-> Yellow/Orange
Round6 Dec 25 – 31 —-> White/Black
Sale Item:
Specific Color for each Round > 50% Off
The color will be changed every week
-AZUL- main shop
*Does NOT include
-Jewelry, Nails,Shoes(Virtual Impressions)
-Hair(Vanity Hair)
-Men’s wear(Styles of edo)
-Ladies wear(Garcon’s Tokyo)
-Eyewear(Crie Style)
-AZUL Bridal gowns
-AZUL Esperanca series (Charity items)
Happy shopping♥
Mami Jewell
-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
-AZUL- Flickr


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