2011 Carriage Trade Holly Hunt !

2011 Carriage Trade Holly Hunt December 1st – December 21st

Thank you for your interest in the Carriage Trade ‘Holly’  Hunt, presented by the owner of Carriage Trade, an Equestrian Lifestyle Estate.

The Holly Hunt begins on December 1st and runs through midnight on December 21st.

Hunters are seeking 20 Holly objects, each containing one or more Holiday-themed items.

The Hollies are hidden throughout our estate, which includes Carriage Trade, Carriage Trade Royal and Carriage Trade North.  They may be hidden in shops, public areas or parks, which may include the public areas of the livery.  They will NOT be hidden in residents’ homes or stalls, so please do not enter residents’ homes or stalls.

Repeat: no Hollies are hidden in any private homes, stables or stalls.

To hunt successfully, select the Holly and ‘buy’ it for 0L.  You will receive a folder cleverly named ‘Object’ in your Inventory.

LM :: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carriage%20Trade%20North/10/246/33

Before entering the estate, please pick up and wear the Carriage Trade Visitor Titler, located in the Welcome Area.  You must wear this titler while in the Carriage Trade estate. 

While you are hunting, please behave with decorum and respect to all visitors and residents. Please do not harass the staff of Carriage Trade during your hunt.  We have created lovely prize items, we know you want them, but it takes our joy out of doing the hunt if we are harassed or if you complain about the prizes. If they are not to your taste, you may always leave and discontinue the hunt. 

** Please do not harass the residents or visitors to Carriage Trade.  We seek to keep everyone comfortable whether visiting or living here.     

Carriage Trade is a roleplay estate, and we ask that you comply with our dress code while visiting with us. We have several appropriate outfits available free of charge in the Welcome Area. While you are in our estate, please observe the following rules:
NO nudity.  NO profanity.  NO sexual roleplay of any kind. NO begging for sex, money, or anything else.  NO age play.  NO wearable horses.  NO children, fantasy or anthro avatars (this means no furries, dragons, etc.).  NO weapons or violence of any sort.  While in general,we warn visitors once if they are transgressing and eject and ban if our requests are not met. 

Thank you, and have a happy and fun hunt!


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